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Leasing Property to Your Business Might Trigger Undesirable Tax Consequences

If you own property and a business, there’s an obvious temptation to lease that property to the business.  Such an arrangement can make sense from many perspectives. You’re [...]

Why You Should (Or Shouldn’t) Pursue and Acquisition

Like so many aspects of the national and global economies, merger and acquisition (M&A) activity tends to wax and wane.  Nonetheless, billions of dollars continue to change hands [...]

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Carabell, Leslie and Company, P.C. is a public accounting firm founded in 1959.  From our office located in Southeastern Michigan, we provide accounting, consulting and tax services to hundreds of business enterprises and individuals.

Our firm is committed to service, offering a full range of innovative financial expertise.  We  strive to offer our services with a personal, in-depth understanding of each of our client’s specific needs and objectives.

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